Clairton Sportsmen's Club
Rifle Range Safety Issue


   Covered Rifle Range Shooters - Before dropping the CEASE - FIRE SIGN.  Please be certain to check that NO ONE is using the Competition Range to the left. Members may be in the shed getting or re-facing targets and are unseen.  If you see equipment on the competition line, or have ANY doubt, be safe...... WAIT a few more minutes. 
  Competition Range Users:  Be certain to let shooters on the bench know you will be going to the pits and may not be seen.  The Covered Rifle Range is under the control of the Competition Range when the Competition Range is in use.

We will be using an orange cone (CMP RANGE IN USE) to signify when persons are down range on the competition rifle range. The cone will be placed in front of the cease-fire sign normally in use on the rifle range



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