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So, what is skeet?

The great sport of skeet shooting, designed in 1920 by a group of Andover, Massachusetts, upland game hunters to improve their wing shooting, has rapidly caught the fancy of people in all age groups and both sexes. It is now a major sport, with its own international and state organizations. A dedicated group is guiding it carefully to even greater popularity and prestige. Skeet has developed into much more than just an aid to better wing shooting or a substitute for hunting. It is now a competitive sport equaled by few in universal appeal.

Matches are conducted for all gun gauges, and under skeet's universal classification system all shooters compete against others of like ability. Competition is held for four gauges of shotguns, 12, 20, 28, and .410 though many people never use more than one.

Guns must be capable of firing two shots since four sets of doubles are included in the regulation 25-shot round. In addition, Competitive Doubles Events are offered at many tournaments. The gun may be a double barrel (side-by-side or over-and-under), a pump gun, or an automatic, depending on the shooter's preference. Major manufacturers offer specially made skeet guns, and you should consult them or a good gunsmith before buying a shotgun for skeet. Details such as weight, choke, drop, pitch and fit of the gun vary with shooters. It is actually better to try out several guns, all types if possible, before buying.

The National Skeet Shooting Association is a nonprofit organization owned and operated by and for its members, sportsmen who are dedicated to the development among its members of those qualities of patriotism and good sportsmanship which re the basic ingredients of good citizenship, and in general to promote and advance the interests, welfare and development of skeet shooting and related sports. In addition to the present regulation skeet most commonly shot, the NSSA has an international division for those who wish to shoot under the rules used in international competition with low gun position and variable timing. We believe that in skeet you will find the finest fellowship of sportsmen in the world. This is a rewarding recreational adventure where the best of sportsmanship prevails.

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